Power to You

Client: SCPF for Vodafone

Direction of a 50-second spot for one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies. The concept came from the film Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast?


Directed by Miquel Galofré for Nice Time Productions, the 2009 multiple award-winning documentary Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast? had tremendous global reach for its fresh, gritty look at Jamaican track and field, and the superstars within it. SCPF, one of the most influential ad agencies in Spain, saw the documentary and contacted us to make an ad for their client, Vodafone. The ad was to have the same look and feel as the film, so we headed back to Jamaica with the same crew to talk to people in the streets. We married the concepts of speed and happiness within the ad, which was directed to have the feel of a low-budget, independent documentary. Power to You was well received – it played on every Spanish television channel during the summer of its release.



Director: Miquel Galofré

Producer: Nice Time Productions

Camera: Miquel Galofré

Sound: Xavier Clara

Music: Nice Time Productions