Documentary Feature | Trinidad & Tobago | Teaser

In Trinidad and Tobago there's a community of Indians known as the Mike Men. This group of men is cultishly devoted to automobile-borne amplification: each of their cars has two enormous air raid warning megaphones attached to its roof.


Originally created to bring music to Indian weddings, the Mike Men also stage weekly playoffs where they pit their sound-systems against each other, blasting Indian oldies and Bollywood songs from the 1950s and 60s from 78rpm records. Mike Men will follow their Sunday battles inspired by Jamaican Dancehall clashes and early hip-hop soundsystem battles in The Bronx. The film will also look closely at their daily lives, their drive to pursue their addiction, and the ensuing consequences to their personal lives. In Pre-Production.





Director: Miquel Galofré

Producer: T&T ROCKS

Cinematographer: Miquel Galofré

Editor: Miquel Galofré

Sound: Shane Hosein