Carnival Coke Rhythm

Client: Abovegroup Ogilvy for Coca-Cola

Direction of a music video and 30-second ad for one of the world’s largest beverage companies.


Coca-Cola is a leader in the global beverage industry. We directed this ad (and this music video) for them while we were working closely with Abovegroup Ogilvy. They’d gotten a catchy song done up – a Carnival Coke Rhythm – and wanted to shoot promotional pieces centered around a live concert with five different artists on the beach. We headed to Maracas and had someone shooting with an old super 16mm camera to get a vintage vibe, as well as someone behind the scenes to provide extra dimension to the shoot. It was a rainy day, but we still managed to capture the fun and energy and happiness that are hallmarks of the Coca-Cola brand.



Director: Miquel Galofré

Producer: Jennice Crystal Price

Camera: Iain Waller & Jonathan Mora

Sound: Kerron Lemessy

Music: Various Artists