Make it Real

Client: Publicis for Carib

Production of a 30-second Carnival-themed commercial for one of the oldest beers in the Caribbean.


Repeat clients are great! We’d worked with Publicis before on a series of Carib ads centered around showing real people in real situations. For Make It Real, they came to us with a photo we’d taken during Carnival the year before as a reference. We noted the energy and vibes they were going for, and decided to shoot in Southern Trinidad to get a different look and take on local Carnival. (In the process, we were reminded of how much we love working in South!) We also made sure to avoid objectifying women in the ad – we showed men and women as equals, both drinking the product, which is new for local alcohol brands. This campaign led to a series of billboards that Carib put up in iconic Carnival venues like the Savannah and the Roxy roundabout.​



Director: Miquel Galofré

Producer: Kevin Hartnett

Camera: Miquel Galofré

Sound: Kerron Lemessy