2018 | Short Documentary | Trinidad & Tobago | 20’

Emerging model, Gabriella Bernard had set her sights on working her way to the top with her natural hair. But she soon learns that not everyone wants that image to be at the top.

Following model Gabriella Bernard's journey, we hear her firsthand account of growing up, embracing her natural beauty, and what she did when a client asked her to chemically relax her hair after 2 years of being natural. The beauty industry hails the European standard of beauty, but Gabriella Bernard is challenging that.‚Äč


"I live in a world that tells me that my black beauty is not enough."

– Gabriella Bernard, Model




Director: Gabriella Bernard & Miquel Galofré

Producer: Emma Foster-Hiscock

Camera: Daniel Urbano

Editor: Miquel Galofré 

Sound: Monica Ramirez

Subtitles: Terry Perry

Photos by:  Marlon James, Lem Joseph, Matthew Creese, Gary Jordan