Client: Abovegroup Ogilvy

Directing and scriptwriting of a short video for a major global advertising company. This spot answered the question: where does your inspiration come from?


When we worked with Abovegroup Ogilvy, there was a global video competition* within Ogilvy agencies around the world to answer the question: Where does your inspiration come from? We decided to enter it as a passion project – we wrote an idea and set off one long weekend with a small volunteer crew to shoot it. We took to the streets of Trinidad & Tobago; we went to beaches, bars, parks, markets, and everything in between. People were free to answer however they wanted, and their answers often surprised us. During this ad we were reminded that true life with no boundaries is always more powerful than any script. There was so much love during that shoot, and we were blown away by people’s generosity in giving us their time, and in sharing their stories. We took a portrait of everyone we spoke to, printed those photos, and made a huge mural in the office to answer the question ourselves. Our source of inspiration then was the same as it is now: people.

*We didn’t win, but we were finalists!



Director: Miquel Galofré

Producer: Alex Smailes

Camera: Miquel Galofré

Sound: Kerron Lemessy

Music: Marc Prats